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Every road has a large an diverse group of stakeholders who are impacted by the road. Commuters and drivers are one of the major groups, but non-vehicular commuters, residents living along the road, children who have to get to and from school, and many other groups are stakeholders, too.

Quentin Road between Lake-Cook and Dundee has a particularly complex set of stakeholders.

  • The road dissects the oldest forest preserve in the country.
  • The region has a complex water situation prone to flooding.
  • The road runs right by the wells and septic fields of the residents.
  • The current configuration of the road isolates the residents from the village and forest preserve and prevents children from walking or biking to school.
  • None of the north-south streets in the region, including Quentin Road, allow safe use by non-vehicular traffic

Quentin Road is currently a very incomplete street.

Build Quentin Right sponsored a facilitated stake holder conference in April 2010 with a goal to document all stakeholders and their needs. We were able to assemble broad and diverse participation by all stakeholder groups:

  • Vehicle commuters
  • Non-vehicular commuters
  • Residents living along the road
  • The Cook County Highway Department
  • The Cook County Forrest Preserve District
  • The Palatine Part District
  • Local, regional, and country wide government representatives
  • Various special interest organizations

Facilitators assured that the discussions focused on stakeholders and their needs and not on the controversial aspects of the solution and road design details (lane count, close the road, ...)

Here you can download the stakeholder conference report and handout material used during the conferemce.