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stakeholder workgroups - WG2: Traffic and capacity
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The proponents of a five-lane solution for Quentin Road rebuild often argue, that the traffic load of the street requires a much wider road. And while the road may very well qualify for a five lane solution, three lanes are adequate to handle the current and projected load.

Fact is, that the traffic volume has significantly been reduced since the last published traffic count was taken in 2008. Also, Quentin Road does not have a lane capacity issue, it has a traffic flow management issue at various intersections with Illinois State streets.

To take the guess-work out of the traffic valume discussion, Build Quentin Right has an ongoing video documentation project, where we publish daily traffic videos. Traffic camera feeds from the Lake-County operated cameras at the intersection of Quentin and Lake-Cook are assembled into daily videos posted to our YouTube channel. Separate videos documenting the north-bound and south-bound traffic are published for every day.

Here you can select the video for a specific day and direction since February 2011.